Roundtable on Health Literacy Workshop

   The past few days in Washington, DC have been wonderful for a myriad of reasons and I'm extremely grateful to the numerous agencies and people involved that made it all possible. 
         Collectively, a team of professionals saw fit to go above and beyond their comfort zones and normal scheme of business practices and took a risk, a historical risk, that resulted in multifaceted successes for EVERYONE involved and that will prove to be beneficial in the future for millions of others. 
        For 19 Months, I have taken my life assignment seriously as a Chronic Kidney Disease Patient while transitioning as a Nurse, Advocate, Entrepreneur, and Spokesperson; Simultaneously, I have dealt with the pros and cons of being a Young African-American Woman, Mother, Medicare & Medicaid recipient, ambulatory, cognitively intact, verbal, mobile, autonomous, focused, disciplined,  yet self image evolving INDIVIDUAL forced to incorporate lifestyle modifications foreign to 87% of my diagnosed Gerontological peers and unimaginable to many.
        From the 12hrs/week sessions of hemodialysis to the continuous empowerment movements to stay relevant via health promotion efforts and advocacy.... From the weekly blood draws to the nutritional and homeopathic remedies I implore to maintain PERFECT LABS RESULTS and ZERO HOSPITALIZATIONS.... From daily meditation and exercise to parenting a young child when I'm often fatigued beyond comprehension.... The ongoing calls, emails, contacting Legislators, corresponding with Clinicians, volunteering, contacting drug companies and the FDA, being included in research studies, speaking engagements, public appearances, & MORE never stops, even on dialysis days!.... THUS: This week was huge for Me... and whether or not most know it: It was huge for them too!
           December 7th is the deadline for open enrollment for Medicare. New cabinet positions are currently being decided. There's a new President-Elect, Insurance regulations and standards are changing, as are also prescription drug plans. There's a 3year cap on financial support for post transplant medication regimens; 
        Many people don't know that a transplant recipient has to take an average of "10" anti-rejection medications for the rest of their lives? Do you know how expense they are EACH? Many aren't educated on health savings accounts? Many don't have disability, supplemental insurance policies in place? Yet have loved ones on Social Security or they themselves may end up on Social Security and are uneducated in regards to it and don't know how long they have been in the system and if they could qualify for retirement now, etc.
      Many aren't organ donors? Many aren't factually educated on organ donation? Lastly, sadly, many don't even know their governmental officials?
      THANK YOU for all of your support!... and THEY ARE WELCOME for all of my hard-work and diligence on behalf of EVERYONE!!! Because the future is NOW!...  
      Just thought I'd let you know to let someone else know that when you see Me, or someone advocating for this cause that's also living with this disease: that they should see US: The human race in totality.... and that rarely receives the warranted coverage it deserves.
     I am committed to living LIFE abundantly! NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Darvece Monson