I can't thank the editors Kathy & Rema @ #EbonyMagazine enough for all of their support and allowing such an impactful story to bring awareness to the Renal community. To the writer and my now FRIEND #GlennReedus, I will forever remain grateful to & for you!!!!.. Thank you for having the passion to tackle such an important topic with compassion, and integrity; I appreciate your dedication more and more as the days go by... 
To #TheUniversityofChicagoHospital, there are no words that can express my gratitude for the support, respect, generosity, and professionalism that you have ALWAYS shown Me both as a Nurse AND now as a Kidney Transplant Patient; it's an honor representing "The Forefront".
And LASTLY, A HUGEEEEE, "Thank You" to everyone from everywhere for flooding Me and the Renal community with support, encouragement, understanding, participation, etc. The shares don't go unnoticed, the feedback is aammmaazing, the phone calls to U of C on my behalf, the multitude of questions, emails, the attention to my organization,... I can go on & on... IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!
From my heart to yours: Thank You for embracing our community of survivors and conquerors and God Bless You All for welcoming my representation of these unsung heroes that are "More Than Their Kidneys"!!!!!