Fitness Advocate and Kidney Candidate Gets Real With Chat Daddy on WVON 1690AM

Real Talk Real People with Chat Daddy” is a radio broadcast community showcase which airs Monday-Thursday evenings @7pm-9pm on WVON1690am. Hosted by Art Sims, (a well known, down to earth, highly respected personality notoriously known for his blunt candor), this popular segment sheds light on dynamic individuals that are making their mark on society by footprinting their community.

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 I served as the primary feature to which my 501c3 nonprofit organization, (“More Than Your Kidneys”), was chronicled and my biography was shared with the audience prior to engaging in poignant dialogue dissecting the morbidity and mortality of renal disease. My co-chair was the courageous and very talented Author Norm L. Ross, (So You’re On Dialysis You Are Not Alone), who is also diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, also on hemodialysis, previously underwent a kidney transplant, and is also a listed kidney transplant candidate.

Through candid conversation, harmonious interchange, and the incorporation of riveting statistics, the audience was provided with multifaceted factors and concrete examples useful in successfully diagnosing renal disease. Incorporated into the discussion was also the increased numbers of dialysis centers being constructed, the increased number of celebrities recently afflicted, and the complications of renal disease.

Seeming that time was of the essence and there was an overwhelming amount of content that still had yet to be discussed: the host, participants, and audience arrived at the consensus that this show was part 1/3 and that Norm & I would be returning. Kidney detoxification, “whoosah” cleansing breaths, and an overall period of lightheartedness were much needed after our informative segment, and Author Laverne Thomas, (Love On Fire: Maintaining The Passion In Your Relationship), definitely delivered!

Laverne Thomas gifted us invaluable perils of wisdom useful in adding spice to our lives and tangibilty to our relationships. From random acts of kindness to premeditated plans of seduction, she reminds us that catering to our partners is a primal need that is not to be understated, though it is frequently misunderstood. Over the span of five chapters, her book descriptively outlines passion as the key that unlocks the success of our relationships. By the end of her interview, the studio seemingly doubled as a bikram yoga temple and we were all eager to depart and and initiate lovemaking tactics that would selflessly yield positive results and vastly impact the happiness of our mates. Needless to say, Author Laverne Thomas ROCKED her 1st radio broadcasting debut!

This magnificent night was filled with life changing information and the free flowing energy current was dynamic. Special thanks to WVON1690am, Art Sims, Norm L. Ross, Laverne Thomas, the callers, and the listening audience for their attention, appreciation, and enabling a platform such as these to exist FOR the people BY the people.   ~~~D~~

}”More Than Your Kidneys” Is A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization compassionately focused on inspiring and empowering the lives of patients and family members affected by CKD/ESRD/Dialysis/Kidney Transplantation. Through health promotion, advocacy, and personal testimonies, we offer a community of hope dedicated to helping those affected by the severity of a chronic illness cipe and live viable lives”}.

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