Nurse and Patient Living With Kidney Disease Earns 2016 Henrietta Lacks Awards Ceremony

Friday, May 13, 2016, I had the distinguished honor and acclaimed recognition of being presented amongst  four other phenomenal women as “2016 Henrietta Lacks Award Recipient Honorees”. Held at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, this esteemed awards ceremony was held by “TACTS- The Association Of Clinical Trials Services” and presented not only during National Nurses Week, but also during National Womens Health Week. The hostess of the night was Sista Yaa Simpson-Community Epidemiolgist and the co-hostess of the night was WVON 1690AM’s very own Theresa Dear-HR4NON-PROFITS.

An annual engagement not to be missed,  this ceremony featured numerous sponsors and vendors that’s dedicated their time and efforts to a very special cause. In no particular order: Aids Foundation Chicago, Men & Women In Prison Ministry, Sisters Working It Out, WVON1690, Future Leaders Of The World,  TACTS, Priscilla Williams,  More Than Your Kidneys, & more made vast contributions to the event to make it a success.

As an award recipient and humanitarian, I remain shellshocked by the outstanding bios and phenomenal works of all of the other honorees: Rosa E. Martinez Colon’, Caprice Carthans, Priscilla Q. Williams RN, and Carmen Houston, RN have all demonstrated unsurpassed strength,  dedication, grace, humility,  and leadership in their roles as trailblazers,  advocates, activists, and voices within their communities for various causes, which affect us all as part of the human race. These women stand strong for change, protest aloud for action, and carry the tribulations of/for us all on their backs while simultaneously giving their all from their hearts, effortlessly in a daily basis.

Words cannot express my gratitude for being showcased for my deeds in Nursing, Philanthropy, Science, Entrepreneurship, & Community both personally and professionally. As Mom to a soon to be 8year old daughter, a Nurse and patient living with chronic kidney disease partaking in hemodialysis 3days/wk while awaiting a kidney transplant, CEO/Founder of a nonprofit organization,  (More Than. Your Kidneys), I was overwhelmed by the support,  camaraderie,  prayers, words of encouragement,  & love shown throughout the entire event from everyone!

The audience was energetic,  engaging, and their  participation was enthusiastic; the DJ was entertaining and his music selections were ON POINT!; The event was catered and all of the food was absolutely delicious; Overall, the event was a cultural and spiritual embodiment of greatness, from the praying introductions to the blessed conclusions. From the ancestral acknowledgments to the deceased dedications, from the future leaders siloloquys to each and every honoree being presented with roses, I could go on & on.

Lastly, again, we were given awards in honor of the one & only “Henrietta Lacks: The Mother Of Modern Medicine”, which is quite a big deal. We ALL live due to her genes and owe her the highest regards. In the event that you are not familiar with her, I have included a link to one of the many writings about her and I implore you to research her life story as you will also learn plenty about life, history, the past, and the future.

Thanks again for your support and here’s to making your misery your ministry, like I did!

~~Darvece A. Monson, 2016 Henrietta Lacks Award Recipient, CEO/Founder “More Than Your Kidneys~~

Click here to learn more about Henrietta Lacks. Enjoy a few more pics below.