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Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Meet darvece A. Monson

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of "More Than Your Kidneys" *  In 2015, at just 35 years old, Darvece A. Monson founded "More Than Your Kidneys" at her hospital bedside table with $50 and a refurbished computer. A lifelong "health nut," nurse of 18 years, model/writer/performer/personal trainer/fitness instructor/nutritional counselor and now newly diagnosed chronic kidney disease/ESRD/hermodialysis/kidney transplant candidate, she was driven by the lack of services for others such as herself and was thus compelled to make a difference.  Secondary to a preeclamptic high-risk complicated pregnancy and emergency Cesarean Section in 2008, and now a patient on the other side of the spectrum, nurse Monson knew that she had to create the avenues of support that she of so desperately seemed as a hemodialysis patient and kidney transplant candidate.  After tirelessly enduring judgement lack of understanding, scarcity of resources, and ignorance from society, Darvece emerged into her life assigned role of an advocate and health promoter dedicated to helping patients and their families cope with the realities of CKD/ESRD/dialysis/transplantation. One year later, her indelible impact on the issues of CKD/Dialysis/transplantation has helped shift the perception of renal patients from noncompliant, inactive, unhealthy persons to viable, proactive, knowledgable, optimistic, survivors destined to live life to the fullest. Darvece is well-known for her tireless dedication to the aforementioned causes via her personal testimonies and vigor for life.  She has impacted countless individual lives through her love and commitment and she is very passionate about changing public perception and increasing public awareness.  Her innovative work in transforming the world understanding of kidney survivorship continues to pave the way for survivors across the country.  Darvece's education, professional development, and life experience is wide-spanned and second to non; it includes various acclaimed credentials from Lewis University, Moraine Valley Community College, University of Illinois, Blue1647, etc.


Meet Anthony Watkins

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Her love for art has grown and transformed from a childhood hobby using crayons, watercolor, and construction paper into a professional technical career with her laptop, Wacom tablet, and research to help steer her designs. 

In 2011, she completed her bachelors degree in fine arts.  As of 2016, she is the owner of Lifted Naturally and serves as Visual Arts Designer for the organization of More Than Your Kidneys.

Visual Arts Designer