We are a collective force for change and together we can make the impossible we can make the impossible possible.  Your willingness to help coupled with our passion to incorporate the latest research, lifestyle modalities, and resources will aid in less cases of CKD and Dialysis and more Kidneys Transplants. Effective screening, prevention, advocacy, awareness prevention and education is key.


FUNDRAISERS:  More Than Your Kidneys holds regular fundraisers to allot for events necessary to aid in CKD research, kidney transplantation, patient assistance via personal testimonies, etc

BLOGS: More Than Your Kidneys prides itself in providing the community with a personal place and space for written testimonies, forums of support, etc

DIETARY NETWORK: More Than Your Kidneys spotlights nutritious & delicious recipes adhering to the restricted diet of CKD while accenting the joys of taste. CKD is what you make it and we bring spice to life!

WORKSHOPS and INFORMATION focuses on coping with the complexities, controversies of:

* Morbidity and mortality
* Suicidal tendencies
* Noncompliance
* Caregiver role strain
* Dated research
* Universal doctor orders
* Gerontological population
* Hopelessness

COUNSELING: More Than Your Kidneys offers a newsletter, phone line, calendar of events, & counselor support line to aid those dealing with the plights of CKD, from onset diagnosis to social difficulties, dietary support, body image disturbance, & MORE!

* Individualized doctor orders
* Understanding and interpretation of lab results
* Spirit of life, vigor
* Relinquishing death wish
* Improving quality of life
* Mind, body, soul connection
* Achieving wellness
* Becoming the living exception

Through personalized branded merchandise, such as:
Mugs, TShirts, Caps, Pedometers, BP Cuffs, Fistula Identification Bracelets, Pens, Notepads, Jewelry, Lanyards, Calendars, Stress Balls, & MORE.


  An Angel On Assignment Focused on Her Mission

  In 2015, at just 34 years old, Darvece A. Monson founded "More Than Your Kidneys" at her hospital bedside table with $50 and a refurbished computer. A lifelong "Healthnut", Nurse of 18years, Model/Writer/Performer/ Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Nutritional Counselor, (and now newly diagnosed: chronic kidney disease, heart failure, severe anemia, ESRD, hemodialysis, kidney transplant candidate), she was driven by the lack of services for others such as herself and was thus compelled to make a difference.
   Secondary to a preeclamptic high-risk complicated pregnancy & emergency cesarean section in 2008, and now a patient on the other side of the spectrum, Nurse Monson knew that she had to create the avenues of support that she so desperately seeked as a hemodialysis patient and kidney transplant candidate. After tirelessly enduring judgment, lack of understanding, scarcity of resources, and ignorance from society, Darvece emerged into her life assigned role of an advocate and health promoter dedicated to helping patients and their families cope with the realities of CKD/ESRD/Dialysis/Transplantation.

DARVECE A. MONSON Founder of "More Than Your Kidneys"


Founder of "More Than Your Kidneys"

  1 year later, her indelible impact on the issues of CKD/Dialysis/Transplantation has helped shift the perception of renal patients from noncompliant, inactive, unhealthy persons to viable, proactive, knowledgeable, optimistic, survivors destined to live life to the fullest. 

Darvece is well-known for her tireless dedication to the aforementioned causes via her personal testimonies and vigor for life. She has impacted countless individual lives through her love and commitment and she is very passionate about changing public perception and increasing public awareness.  

Her innovative work in transforming the worlds understanding of kidney survivorship continues to pave the way for survivors across the country. Darvece's education, professional development, and life experience is wide-spanned and second to none.

 Darvece has solidified partnerships with The National Kidney Foundation,  participated in clinician forums as well patient advocacy panels and informationals; In addition she has also solidified partnerships with The American Fund, participated in community health promotion, screening,  and education efforts as a Certified Kidney Educator through the American Kidney Fund. From local school health fairs to clinical trials: She represents the cause and her chronic illness ongoingly. Her most recent endeavors includes being appointed as a member and patient liasion of the National Kidney Foundation Kidney Advocacy Committee as well as The National Kidney Foundation Associate Board. To date she is also up for consideration for 2 additional advocacy boards, both on a national level which spearhead legislation for the disabled and disenfranchised..

 To date her organization has received 18 awards and she has been spotlighted abroad in 8 states, broadcasted via news outlets, morning shows, radio broadcasts,  interviews,  publications,  etc for her assistance in helping others obtain prescription drug coverage  funding, student loan eradication,  grants, support, training, tenant and employer disability rights & MORE!   

She was recently featured on WCIU-Chicago You&Me In The Morning Show as an Inspirational Guest during the 1st week of 2017;, in addition to being interviewed by ABC7 Chicago Reporter Hosea Sanders for a 1:1 feature, (which will be airing soon), and published in the September "Elevate" edition of "Ebony Magazine", a historical staple and accent within her community.

In the Ebony Magazine  article she is the subject of Dialysis, Kidney Survivorship,  3D Kidney Transplantation, & MORE and makes an impact encouraging awareness,  education,  change, and participation.

Darvece is a Trailblazer whose positive attitude and determined mindset has enable her to survive and thrive despite her trials and tribulations. This magnetic spirit and will earned her the opportunity of a lifetime recently, as she was the recipient of a meet/greet opportunity with her personal and professional role model, Celebrity Comedian and Kidney Transplant Recipient “George Lopez” via The Front Row Foundation, an organization that specializes in granting wishes to patients with chronic illnesses. Darvece was flown out to Philadelphia from Chicago, showered with 2 days of surprises, and ultimately interviewed George Lopez, was interviewed by him, engaged in candid conversation about kidney survivorship, prevention, education, legislative efforts, the complications and complexities of kidney disease, pre & post transplant bureaucracies, etc. In addition, Darvece was also given the chance of a lifetime to potentially team up with the George Lopez Foundation via a future partnership with her organization More Than Your Kidneys. The significance of such a dual partnership will reign supreme for the Renal Community, particularly because these two people are not only business owners but are also kidney disease patients living the life while simultaneously impacting others on a daily basis.

Faith, Heart, Resilience, Dedication, Discipline, Determination and Perseverance all serve as the key ingredients to Darvece’s recipe for overcoming odds and becoming the change necessary to make a difference in this world and within her community. “As a Renal patient, I have vast responsibilities. It is my duty and obligation to be a shining example of what can be achieved when plights are intertwined with Motherhood, when health is intercepted by disease, and when your current situation is truly dependant upon your future. Yes, I need an essential organ to SURVIVE,  but that shall not interrupt my ZEAL to be a Conqueror and odd-defying servant. This is my God-appointed life assignment and I will forever remain present and accounted for my duties”.

Collaborations & Sources of Endeavors